A year anniversary

On the 29th of this month it will be a year since I started this blog called the Kitty-Kat Chronicles. How time has flown by, and I see how far my blog has come and how much more, I feel like a true blogger now. When I first started writing my blog I felt like an imposter. What did I know about blogging at all ? Could I really write anything interesting for people to read ? Would I get any followers ?

Alas the worries piled up, but I decided to simply go for it and start writing what became Kitty-Kat Chronicles. To me it was way more important to write the blog for myself and myself alone, if people read it then that would be a bonus to me. Since that day I haven’t looked back, always forward and as my confidence grew so did my blogging abilities.

Now I feel like my blog represents me fully as a blogger, and as the wacky person who calls herself Kitty-Kat and talks endlessly about her gorgeous Kindys antics and discoveries. All done mind you with my smartphone and a WordPress app, who says you have to start off with really expensive equipment ?

So where do I go from here you might ask ? Well confidently forward as always, and step up my blog into more posts and uploading my art pieces as well as talking about topics that interest me. I am thinking really hard about putting more into it as well, not just posts, but also the whole look and feel of my entire blog.

I feel to maintain people’s interest I need to be more vocal in the blogging community and learn from my peers, so that will be one of my goals for 2019. I also want to perfect my blog posts, with my writing as well as other content, I add to them. Quite a few high goals set for the new year I realize, but I want to expand my blog and make my next anniversary something to write about in 2020.

Ciao from

Kitty-Kat xox

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