Mood candle

I brought this candle for my desk a few days ago, and I am absolutely in love with it, the colours change every few seconds, and it helps me relax and forget about everything. I am hoping to get another one Monday at Red dot so I can have a few on my desk. They inspire me when I sit at my desk and write my journal and this blog, the colours are so soothing as well . I also love the red stars that trail on the ceiling of my room too they make me feel like I am under the stars.

Unlike an conventional candle they make no mess and last indefinitely since all you need is two AAA batteries to run it. I love the colours too, that you can control with a remote or simply let it change every couple of seconds by itself. It is so very soothing to watch the colours change, from one to another and back again. Sometimes it is the simple things that make life worthwhile in the end, just like this candle.


Kitty-Kat xox

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