New haircut and colour

I always feel rather refreshed after a morning well spent at the Hairdressers, mine called Todd is so talented crafting my whims and colour. I felt quite pampered as well as, catching up on the gossip magazines, that are the cornerstone of any where you may be waiting any length of time.

First there is the consultation where I express my desires, colours and cut. Todd then let’s me know what he is gonna do, after listening to me talk. Then it is the quote, and starting on my haircut.

People have asked me about the whole ritual of hair colouring, to me it is an exact science, that once applied this time in foils, you feel like a roast dinner with the pieces of aluminum foil folded throughout your hair. Then you sit and wait 45 minutes till they then wash it out. In that time I read the gossip magazines and wonder what the Royal family is in, or which Hollywood star is pregnant, getting a divorce or getting married in probably that order.

The haircut itself is easy, a lot of shaping and slicing with very sharp scissors. Todd is brilliant the way he does this and that with my hair that ends up quite amazing every time. Of course not forgetting the chatting and updating each other on the lives we living.

I am well aware that these stories are trashy and are mostly lies, but it does while away the hours it feels your colour is left in. And there is the radio that has me singing along to a favourite song, regardless whether people hear me or not, I treat it like some private karaoke lounge. Hey I already have aluminum foil in my hair and wearing a black cap people ? I am a superhero !

Then timer goes off and I go to the basins to have my hair washed, conditioned and head massage, which is truly the icing on the cake for me. The young lady who did it basically had me in a coma within seconds. Back to my seat and time for blow dry and unveiling of my finish hairdo, I love it of course and love the pampering more. So that is why it may take me 2 hours plus in the Hairdressers. And I enjoy every minute of it too.


Kitty-Kat xox

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