I love to travel, this is no great secret from my family and friends, I have always had a little bit of Wanderlust within me. Interesting fact my name Kylie means Boomerang, in the Indigenous language of my birth country Australia. A pretty funny thing too, since like a Boomerang, I always come back, no matter how far I may roam.

I was only 24year-old when I went off to England to live and work as a Nanny, my first trip overseas and on my own too. Was I scared ? Hell yes, but was that gonna stop me from having the greatest adventure in my life ? A definite no from me. The experience helped me grow as a person as well as learn how to survive on your own. It wasn’t pretty at times and other times it was the best thing in the world to be doing for me.

You are young and at the time my wanderlust was louder than any sane reason to stay put in Australia. Besides it was time to spread my wings and also make a salary I could never achieve working as a child care worker here in Perth. It just made sense to me then as it does now when I think about it all. What a chance to live and work in England ! I wasn’t about to throw away that kind of life experience for sure.

I had only been in England a week when my employers decided to chase the sun and heat in Spain. No expense to me all paid for, as well getting paid to look after a baby and a 3year old. What a jet set life for me ! Spain was goregous though and beautiful scenery, it also reminded me of home too a degree, only much older culture. I think going there after landing in London helped me to acclimatize from a hot country to cooler one in England’s South. It did mean another stamp in my passport and getting to explore part of mainland Europe.

Yes I got terrible homesickness, but my cure was to go and see everything I could possibly with the kids tagging along all the way. We went to seaside and visited castles and everything else England had to offer. The three of us went on rambles around the English countryside and traveled on trains and buses. I got myself an English library card to use in the county of West Sussex and read as much as I could when I wasn’t with the kids. I believe the children I nannied enjoyed our adventures all over the place and nothing was better than falling asleep on the bus going home. I think my playful nature and loud personality earned me the title Mary Poppins from Australia, we were always involved in some imagery play of sorts just the three of us close knit unit.

I traveled by train up to Scotland all by myself and enjoyed every minute of it. I went from one end of England to the other and then into Scotland. The countryside would change to cities and rural villages, I felt as if in that instant I had learnt so much from my travels. I was never afraid to try new things or travel by myself, I guess when you are 24year-old you really are quite fearless. I know in a heartbeat I would do it again, and England will always hold, a special place in my heart. You can’t be in another country far from home and not feel connected to the place where you are living. In Scotland I visited Loch Ness and ended up on a boat on the Loch freezing cold and wondering if Nessie would make an appearance for an Aussie fan. A dream come true and many more ticked off in my travels in England.

I feel too, I am a pretty boho chic that likes to chill and boy did I take a lot of walks in the woods to clear my head. France and Paris are high on my list to visit too, not just the touristy things, but other things as well, such as people watching in a Paris coffeeshop, browsing a bookshop and simply taking a stroll around Paris and see where my feet may take me. I am not looking for some mythical Paris of literature or what Paris people see in the movies, but the down to earth honest to goodness real Paris. The place full of history and where many people’s footsteps have come and gone. To find my own way like I did with London and many other places I have been. I would love to visit the Palace of Versailles and see the hall of mirrors, too also step in the footsteps of Marie Antoinette would be a dream come true as well. To see the decadent and the way she used to live. The catacombs beneath Paris would be somewhere special to be, probably a weird and eerie place, but hey that is me a little off centre.

Italy is another place on my okay you could call bucket list, especially Venice, Tuscany, Umbria and Italian revirere. To simply lose myself in there language and slow pace of life would really broaden my horizons you could say. It would also dampen my Wanderlust to a certain extent that has been getting louder and louder each passing day. Germany is also on my list, mainly to visit my good friend Julia who lived here in Perth for some time as an au pair to a friend of mine. We became quite close and it would be heaven to visit and see her again, in her own country. Berlin is a city that calls to my artistic side, it also looks an amazing place. Other parts of Germany I would love to go is the Bavarian forest, Frankfurt, Ravenburg of course where Julia is from.

I guess that this blog post is about the places I have been and the places I hope to go too. It however is also about me as a person who only wants to travel the world and see all that the world can offer me. I am not one to sit back and let somebody else do the leg work for me, I was born to this world to soak up and experience all life can give me. I am never one too shy away from a challenge or not do it because it may be hard, that is and never will be the way I roll. Life is meant to be lived and not merely as a spectator, but well and truly lived until there is no longer any breath in your body. Same as the world is there for you to explore, bad times and good. You just need to take the first step and the rest is window dressing.


Kitty-Kat xox

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