Back to school

Back to school today, my goodness I can not believe that it has been 6 weeks of holidays already ! No students today or tomorrow, they come in on Monday, these two days are professional development days, where we get to do other stuff without the children around. Mainly going through admin type information and talking about data and what plans we have to achieve for the new school year.

It is also time to set up classrooms, and prepare any other resources we need to help teach and assist the students in our classes. We also get time to simply get used too being back at school. Although a lot of us felt very much like our students must do, extremely confused and wondered what in the world we were supposed to do.

I enjoyed making playdough for the class and setting up the classroom ready for Monday. I always find making playdough really relaxing and calming somehow, which is probably why the kids love it so much. Going through the art trolley is another task that I love to do, mainly because it an excuse to buy school supplies and stationery, both things I love shopping for.

The classroom looks a little bare, but that will change when we get Kid’s work hanging up and start to flesh out the room more. To me it is a new start, in a new classroom and new teacher I am working with. It will lead to new challenges and also makes life really exciting for me. I am looking forward to it and can not wait to meet my new students, as well as welcoming back old ones. It is going to be a fun year ahead in 2019.

It was good being back at school, even though it was rather hot at 36°c thank goodness for aircon is all I can say. I love my down time and holidays, but I am always happy to be back at work and potting about in my classroom. I love my job as well as the people and students I get to work with, I don’t think I could do this job, as an Education assistant if I did not feel that way. I feel like I am in the right place for me at this moment in time.

I feel my work is rewarding and gratifying same time and that I love to make a difference in my student’s lives. It is also a job where I give my heart and soul too, which means at times it can be very draining. I am an all or nothing person, not many degrees in between neither way. So it means at times I need to pull back somewhat, or go pretty much whole hog.

I am passionate about my students and really care about them as little people, that are uniquely their own person. I could literally bore people with stories about each and every one of them, and actually do with family and friends. Most feel like they know my students, from the way I constantly talk about them. Children are really funny and interesting once you spend time with them. They are forever teaching me things, as much as I teach them. I love the two way street, that comes with teaching, it is never dull and always something new to learn.

I guess that is why I adore children, they are really fascinating to watch, talk too and generally be around. I feel myself looking at the world in a different light. I also feel I have an important job to be one of their first teachers, that the impact I have on them can directly impact and influence the rest of their schooling career.

Anyway that is that for now.


Kitty-Kat xox

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