New journal

Here are some pages of my new journal I started after filling up my previous journal. This time I used an Stampin’ up journal I brought some years ago, so it is a spiral bound notebook, unlike my other journal was. I thought a change would be good, as well as trying to use up my notebook stash, that has grown out of control somewhat lately.

I have some really lovely notebooks that I have brought myself, as well as what other’s have given me. It is also me trying to declutter, and use stuff in my stash before buying more. Anyway back to my new journal and these journal spreads that I have done. The top one is still in progress, but kinda shows you my process in creating the pages. With a picture, this one is from a magazine, but sometimes I use my own photos. Then I put a few stickers with quotes and always a little washi tape to jazz up the overall feel and look of the journal page. I do all that before I even dream of adding pen to paper and then when I put it all together to create my amazing journal pages.

I like about this Stampin’ up journal that it has already coloured pages and some decorated as well, kinda of like a smashbook journal you can buy. It also helps me to work with a certain colour palette, that rather than being restrictive, it is actually freeing somewhat to me. I love to challenge myself at times, because it makes life interesting, it also is good to work outside your comfort zone.

It is still quite strange to be working in this journal and not my older one, I always feel there is a getting to know you stage with any new journal you start. I also picked one with different number of pages and so I can finish it quickly, especially after my previous journal had quite a lot more pages to fill. No matter what though, I am loving my journals and what amazing stuff I am coming up with.


Kitty-Kat xox

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