I have finished my journal

Yes it has been finished today… a few pages and now he is all so very chunky, overflowing with all my thoughts and ideas over the last part of 2018 and into 2019 he has always been by my side no matter what. So it is a little sad to say goodbye to such a good friend. My journal is where I put my heart and soul, my ideas and where my creativity simply flows into it everytime I open it’s pages.

I can sit back and enjoy it’s many wonders, and re-read the things I have said and the journal spreads I have completed within it’s pages. I love to take the time to go through a journal that has been finished, I feel like I am getting to know myself, once more. I also reflect on what I have done in the past, so I may grow further in the future. It also helps if I have been struggling with something in the past, I can stop from repeating that pattern.

Journaling also helps me creatively try out different ways to express myself through art and collaging, which I have been having a lot of fun doing. I am also trying to combine memory making and my own kind of scrapbooking in my journals. I kinda like having a journal that is everything in one, instead of having journals for everything. It also means I finish them faster, which is good for me, since I kinda get bored after awhile doing the same thing.

I kinda take bits and pieces from all sorts of papercrafts and art journaling until I have my own unique style. I don’t really follow any strict pattern, I just make it up as I go really. A friend of mine who follows my blog, is blown away with what I do and how I do it. I said what I did was break it down into pieces, one day I would just decorate and collage pages, next I might do some journaling, and finally I might go through and add photos or art elements.

The main thing was I never sat down and did the page all in one sitting it was always done in chunkys. That way I felt as if I achieved something even if it took me a couple of days to one or two pages. I also never do my journal in a chronological way, it is basicly turn to a page and start there, this also helps the dreaded first page anxiety we all face when starting a journal. I hope this helps anybody out there in the blogosphere who is starting journaling, or who just feels rather anxious about starting any project. The first hurdle is to get over that and then it is all rather great from then on.


Kitty-Kat xox

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