Yes it is Friyay today and here in Perth it is going to be a hot one indeed, well it is Summer here at the moment so you kinda of expect that weather. It is also end of the week time and my second day back at work after Summer break, so looking forward to a weekend of pretty much nothing at all. I make no excuse for that either, I love my down time out of work, where I get to do nothing if I wish too. It goes without saying that I will be certainly journaling and reading as well this weekend as well as being chilled and quite lazy indeed.

Back to Friyay, I have a few things to set up and get ready for Monday as well as attending another PD day. I also have another Physiotherapy appointment today after work, which is good because my ankle yesterday was quite painful after I finished work. So I guess slowly, slowly I go today, and try not and be too rough on myself about it. I am a little frustrated about it, but I know I need to give myself a little slack and that it will get better eventually.

Sorry for the rant, but I feel a little out of sorts, because I feel like some of my independence has gone at the moment. It’s not in my nature to rely on other’s to get me places or help me carry out simple tasks. Although I am learning patience and simply letting things go. So I hope your Friyay’s will be good and have an awesome weekend ahead.


Kitty-Kat xox

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