Here comes the weekend

Well the weekend is finally here and we are already into the month of February, where did January go ? I just polished off two days at school and prepping things for the classroom ready for Monday and new school year starts. We had some laughs, myself and the other aide in my class always joking and seeing the funny side of life. I guess you can be too serious, and then end up taking life too seriously, definitely not me one bit.

I like to live and after all that has happened to me I feel that I have earned the right to. Anyway the weekend is finally here and I can relax and regroup for next week. It will be a full on week and so I am making the most of my quiet down time while I can. Catching up with my blog and just trying to keep cool after a very hot day again today.

Weekends are often too short and pretty much gone in the blink of an eye, but what would we be without them. Friyay went off without a hitch and despite a few hiccups here and there all the work got done. I plan to do some journaling and listening to music as well as reading, with my feet up and completely lazy two days.

I had physiotherapy on my ankle today which was good, after my ankle came up pretty sore yesterday. I’ve got exercises to do that will help strengthen my tendon muscles. After work next week I am too ice my ankle to help with recovery, it is getting better slowly, just takes time I guess.

New month now, February I cannot believe how fast it has gone ? Time never appears to go slowly anymore. I hope that everybody out in the blogosphere is having a great weekend too. See you on the flip-side.


Kitty-Kat xox

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