Kikki K goodies

I adore stationery to bits and make no secret about it at all. So was tickled pink when my Mum got me the new sticker and tags book from Kikki K store. It showcases the new range and I simply love the colours and designs, Mum also got me a leather notebook with “Life is Wonderful ” embossed on it. It was on sale half price so was really pleased by that.

Kikki K is one of my favourite stores to shop at, even if it at times I only go to look, I always end up with a basket of odds and ends. I don’t know how I do it sometimes ? Not to sure if it is a curse, or simply poor impulse choices by myself. They constantly change collections every couple of months, which means there is always a wide range of things to buy, or you could say collect.

I cannot believe how popular Kikki K actually is ? It has consistently been my favourite shop for sometime. It is an stationery fan’s dream for sure. I love to collect items from stationery or school supplies, pretty much wherever I see them. I love how we have started New year with a bang and not a whim.I could talk about stationery for hours and it never gets old.

Now I know some readers from Europe and America may be a little mystify by Kikki K, but basically it is up market stationery store, that is absolute heaven for all those who love all kinds of stationery etc. It is also a place where you could really spend a couple of days in and still maybe miss a quarter of the stuff. I feel lucky to be able to go there and find all I need for my journaling, or any other things I need.

I hope I am not rambling to much ? It is getting later here in Perth, and I think I must give up my blog writing for the night.


Kitty-Kat xox

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