February muses

So it’s now the second day of February and the weather is totally changed from yesterday’s heat, to cooler temperatures. Saturday is here with a lazy day ahead for me, I have been reading a book by Belinda Alexandra called “The Invitation ” as well as deciding to do some writing. Reading always calms and settles me no matter where I am, and helps me feel better to deal with my day before me.

I didn’t sleep well last night, so I feel like my stuffing has been knocked completely out of me, at this very moment. I think combination of work and other things has lead to me, having trouble sleeping all night. I guess an afternoon nap will be in order today for sure.

February is a time of change, and nothing says change than the new school year starting Monday. It is also the time when our Summer weather gets really hot during the day, and rather balmy at night. Look at me going on about the weather indeed, how civilized do I sound ? I think it may be a throw back from when I lived in the UK, and weather was always a big topic at the post office.

Getting everyone settled is the main focus at school, well at home it is giving myself a little TLC during my down-time. I am also setting up an self-care journal up and inspired by a You Tube favourite of mine http://lynnloveslife to help remind me to look after me for a change. I guess February is my month to put all those practices in place to help me throughout the rest of the year.

Anyway Ciao everybody

Kitty-Kat xox

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