Sunday Morning thoughts

Oh how I 💜 Sundays !

There is something so special with the day, being one of simply chilling out, and forgetting your troubles for awhile. It’s the day for lying in and even watching Netflix’s in the cozy, comfort of your bed. Or more importantly just doing nothing at all, because what else are Sunday’s there for. You almost want Sunday mornings to go on forever so there aren’t any Sunday night’s to bring you down a couple of hours later.

Me, I am madly trying to finish a book, that I am so close to finishing, but every time I pick it up to read, somebody or something interrupts me. Anyway finished it and so starts another one, I think I have read over 15 books this January 2019 already. Quite happy with myself with that, imagine how many I will read in the whole of 2019 ? The sky is really the limit.

I am also currently writing several blog posts and some pieces for my Mirakee account, I have found my happy place writing non stop. Writing whether it is journaling, or short prose makes me happy, as if I am able to express myself within my writing, I am a much happier person on the whole. It’s a need that helps me process my life and the world at large.

Rainy day Sundays are my favourite kind of Sunday’s, because they give you the excuse too not get out of bed at all. Curled up with my blankie, my journals and a good book is my perfect Sunday morning right there.

It is a time to realize in a couple of hours, the weekend will be over and it’s back to school and Monday tomorrow….


Kitty-Kat xox

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