I just got back from Shopping, and was excited to see Blackberries on sale at IGA. I just adore Blackberries, mostly had them fresh off the bush, while living in the UK, where they grew on hedgerows all over the countryside. So warm and juicy to touch and of course gobble down in one mouthful. I remember reddish, purple juice running down my chin as I ate hurriedly not wanting to wait till I got back home.

I just ate a few now along with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries they were simply divine, although nothing compares to the fresh ones off the bush itself. Blackberries always remind me of summer days, riding about on my friend’s borrowed bicycle and robbing hedgerows of their divine fruit. I did carry a metal bucket to carry even more blackberries home with me, alas more went in my mouth than in the bucket.

Now seeing them at IGA, and tasting them just now for lunch, has truly made my day. I feel so happy and enjoyed every single bite. It is so funny, the way our brain works through taste, and brings back memories you thought were long gone.

I was just thinking how funny it is to be writing a blog post about blackberries of all things. Oh well there you go anything is possible when you sit down to write ? I do however, love to post these kind of experiences, and memories on my blog, because I know it might give somebody else a little joy too. It also is a lovely way to journal, and keep things that happen to you, somewhere you can go back and read many times.

I just in fact wrote a little prose about my blackberries experience on my Mirakee account, I so didn’t want to forget that moment in my life at all. It is so vivid in my mind now, I am quite sure that I won’t forget it again. I have put it in the visual down below this post and hope you will enjoy it.

I can not wait to have them for lunch and recess tomorrow, I did say I brought three packets of them ?

Anyway Ciao

Kitty-Kat xox

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