Monday muses

Yes it’s Monday muses again, as I write this blog post, I am relaxing just a little before Kindy/Pre-Primary onslaught begins all over again. There is playdough to make, pictures to edicol dye and a classroom to get sorted and ready for the kids. There is a quick meeting between the teacher and I to see what the day will bring, prep to be done. I might even squeeze a coffee or tea in there somewhere.

The weekend was great, although way too short, but hey you get that in life. 7 am and I sit ready for my ride to school, it’s my time to gather my thoughts and also to do a little bit of writing and journaling. I love these times between school and home, times where I am not Miss Sanders and I am just Kylie simply me.

It is funny, all the hats we wear in our lives; from daughter, blogger, writer, Educational assistant and best friend. We change them seamlessly without a backward glance, or a moment’s hesitation. And yet at times they can all be quite overwhelming, and you simply want to be your ordinary self for awhile, no ties and no hats to be seen. This is when I am simply me, Kylie, free spirit who just wants to watch the clouds jet across the blue summer sky, or look up at the night full of stars. I simply need time alone to recharge and just do things for me. I guess we now call it self-care, it’s a time I never deny myself and never apologise for taking.

Oh well better wrap it up nearly time for pick up so here I go to school and let the games begin.


Kitty-Kat xox

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