Someday Paris

I liked the title of this blog post, someday Paris, appears to be a promise to me. Maybe to my future self, that yes you will get there someday, but no today. I want to walk her streets and visit the many bookstores and coffee shops. Yes some touristy stuff, but just time to walk about and discover Paris for myself.

My Great Grandmother on my Dad’s side came from there, during the war and Nazi take over of Paris. So I feel a genuine affinity with the city, even though I have never stepped foot in it. I know some people say Paris isn’t romantic at all, but dirty and not as grand as the ideal Paris is in the movies and literature. That being saying Paris will always be Paris no matter what anybody thinks or says regardless. I don’t expect any less myself, but would rather make up my own mind on the matter at hand.

I also think as an artist to visit art galleries, and cafes where artist’s have been living and breathing will inspire me. To simply live and breathe the atmosphere of Paris is my aim by far anything else. I also love to be a stranger in a city, nobody knows you so you can be, whoever you want to be. Which sometimes is a lovely change from been known some place.

I also love architecture and very old buildings, so Paris would be full of both. Catacombs under Paris would be fascinating to visit, as well as being where the French revolution happened. To see the Siene river and outside the city the Palace of Versailles would simply be breathtaking. It would also be interesting to see where the actual city first started and ended, like London, Paris has expanded over the centuries. To simply soak in Paris, the flaws and gems all rolled into one place, city of light and city of love.

I love reading about Paris of the olden days, with women wearing long skirts and corsets, men wearing top hats and morning suits all finely dressed and taking strolls around Paris many parks. I know that part of Paris is long gone, can a girl dream a little, and see the ghosts of time. Daydreams of Paris haunt me until I finally walk her cobbled streets. Someday Paris like when I finally went to London, hey that is a different story altogether. I will save it for another time.

Au revoir

Kitty-Kat xox

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