Yessss it’s Friyay again and I am looking forward two days of no school just me time. I can not believe how fast the days appear to be going at the moment, faster than a freight train. I do like being able to write my blog posts and will keep them coming for sure. At the moment they are keeping me sane, after long hard days at school.

I picked this photo for my blog post today, to bring a little bit of colour into my world. As I look outside the window it is quite a dull and cloudy day indeed. I also just love the colours in it, so bright and cheerful.

After school I am seeing my physiotherapist for more treatment on my ankle, at the moment it has been a bit of a battle, and probably need to lay off it more. It is frustrating to me, because it seems to be taking so long, but hey I just need to stop beating myself up about it.

I wonder what funny happenings the kids will surprise me with today ? It’s a full day so it will be go, go, go.

Anyway Ciao

Kitty-Kat xox

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