Love of books

I have spoken before about books, but honestly I love them and couldn’t live without them at all. They truly are my friends, ones that I can not wait to revisit again and again. It is not only the stories, but many of the characters too. I find reading different books at varying times in my life you actually get a whole new understanding and feeling for some characters.

I find it a struggle when working full time at school to read, but now I am turning too it more and more. I find it my escape and calm down after a tiring day, my “me” time that can sometimes seriously lack other times of the day. It is definitely become a high priority on my list and I feel so much better after it.

I thank my Parent’s for my love of books, and for introducing them to me at a very young age. My memories of them are always with a stack of books close by and one forever in their hands. My Nanna was also a big reader too, many a Summer holidays was spent with us two sitting reading quietly together in her front room. I still have the leather soft bound copy of “Pride and prejudice ” she lent me to read one summer day. When she passed away I got it to keep and always remember her by it.

When I went to England to live and work, the very first thing that I did was get a library card from the village I lived in. I found solace in the familiar smell and feel of books and library surroundings, it helped me greatly with homesickness too. It also was lovely to sit in the park near where I lived and not only read, but watch the world go by. I even took some books when I took a trip to Spain as well as Scotland.

In fact my first trip to London I brought a whole lot of books from Borders, which was heaven to booklovers indeed, four storeys of nothing but books. I also found they had a larger selection than back home in Australia, this meant I could read more titles by my favourite authors. It truly blew my mind to see that many books in one place and that I could buy them and take them home with me.

It is funny when I worked in Subiaco at a gym and had long breaks between shifts, I then again took to spending time at the local library. It’s funny libraries are home to me, a safe place to rest and often hide myself away in. Books are also safe and comforting in a strange sort of way, they never judge or turn away from you, when you are feeling down. They also help me with my wild overacted imagination, it has a place to live, where it will not get itself into too much trouble. I don’t think I will ever stop being a dreamer or romantic at heart, it’s part of who I am now and that is just fine with me.

I try and instill the love of books into the children I teach, but sometimes it is a uphill battle, because not everybody values books or reading for that matter as highly as I do. It is a great shame, but I still try, that is al lk you can really do. I actually love to read out loud to children and do all the funny character voices and really ham it up for them. It’s funny though all children love to listen to you read out loud. It enriches their vocabulary, language and emotional needs in a way like nothing else, that is so important to their overall development.

I kinda got off topic there 😂

I have lost count of how many books I have read since the beginning of 2019. I just know there will be many more to come and to read once more. I love to picture the setting and characters in my mind, and often wonder what other readers in fact see, when they read the same book as me.

I guess that this won’t be the last blog post I write about books, there is always something else to write and talk about. Writing about books is never dull and boring. I keep coming up with new angles to write about them too, which I really enjoy.


Kitty-Kat xox

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