Kindy moments

Today I had a funny experience with our Kindy/Pre-Primary class, one of the children went to get ready for recess and found a bug on his drawing. One of the other EA ‘s grabbed it and shook it outside, nothing out of the ordinary you think.

Well that was until the child yelled out “Bloody hell that scared the life out of me.” Myself and the other EA looked at each other and tried not to laugh. We decided to let the comment go, because sometimes it encourages the child more, but as soon as the child was out of ear shot, we killed ourselves with laughter.

It was one of those stories that I couldn’t write better myself. I did say to the other EA that it was going straight onto my blog for sure. Children really say some often funny and interesting things.

Today was pretty good science with the Pre-Primary’s doing about properties of objects, talking about hard, soft etc. I was fed a lot of fake chips from one of the Pre-Primary’s which caused laughter. My desk was covered with a lot of drawings from the kids, they really love to draw as fast as I give them paper it’s gone.

We sat talking at lunch and it looked like rain, but only a few drops here and there. It did not stop them running around that is for sure. It is always fun rounding them all up to go back inside. You manage to get one lined up and then suddenly they are gone. The Kindy’ s and Pre-Primary’s kids move quick too, I can understand that they want to stay outside and play more.

We didn’t go to art so instead we had a couple of Eric Carle books on the interactive whiteboard, “Hungry Caterpillar ” and “The silent cricket” they loved them both. Anything about bugs fascinates this class, they always want to see them up close and kind of have no fear of them. It’s great that they are interested in the natural world.

They also are wild about my red playdough that I made this week. We have managed to last a week without losing too much, although sometimes ends up in little pockets. I can understand why, my playdough is rather soft in texture.

We did a little catch up on a few things needing finishing off, I have a few art pieces that need gluing together and borders so that I can put them up around the room. The classroom is starting to look less bare and more colourful as it should be in Early childhood areas.

Friyay tomorrow so here is to one more day of the working week.


Kitty-Kat xox

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