The idea for this post, came from these pictures I chose from the free WordPress photo library, you can use to jazz up and illustrate your blog posts. I was looking for some photos for one of my posts, when I came across these and immediately thought of the title Playfulness.

It’s not only children who need to play, us adults need it too. We need to feel joy and bliss, especially now with how the world has gotten a darker and unhappier place. We need to coin Queen’s song “I want to break free”. We need to break free from a life full of empty lives, obsessed with social media and faceless people that aren’t your real friends. It’s time to act like a child once in awhile, and go out in the pouring rain, or build a snowman, or even watch the clouds jet across the blue summer sky.

It’s about finding that spark that made you smile once, and let it in your life again. Not taking yourself too seriously, and making sure you find time to really laugh. Life is too short to be boring and safe, just go for it and enjoy every little moment to the fullest.

I remember as a kid my favourite thing to do was jump up and down on my bed. It just felt so freeing inside and kinda like an wild abandon, I felt like I could really fly then. My spirit soared and my body matched it as it jumped up to meet it.

Letting my toes and feet sink into the sand at the beach, barefooted and feeling the sensations of warmth from the sun and coldness from the ocean water. Building sandcastles close to the water so that the tide takes them away in one big wave.

Playful in picking daisies for my Mum or making daisy chains with just a few of them. This makes me feel not only playful, but joyful sitting amongst the daisy flowers with the sun making everything seem golden and unreal in some way the light hits the flowers. Spinning around in long flowing dresses made by Mum’s clever hands, always long enough for me to spin around in circles and see my dress spin.

Bubbles have got to be the most greatest thing invented, I love the way they float and the many colours they shine with. Rainbows in the palm of your hand. They bring the child out of anyone I feel, they bring so much laughter and joy as well. I think the next thing would be bubble baths, where you can sink up too your neck in bubbles and feel like a 5year-old again. They feel so soft and tickle your skin, they are so relaxing you feel quite pampered and refreshed in a bubble bath.

There are so many ways adults can have as much fun playing like kid. One of my favourite thing is to swing on a playground swing, I find it soothes me and the motion de-stresses me into relaxation that makes me feel like singing. Sometimes we need to blow caution to the wind and let our inner child have centre stage, many people though don’t want to be seen as silly. To me that is the whole point, just letting loose, helps release stress and that can not be a bad thing.

I hope I have given someone a good idea and if not planted the seed for future play.


Kitty-Kat xox

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