Things that make me smile

After a busy and tiring week I have decided to make this post about things that make me smile, so sit back with your favourite beverage and a comfy chair and simply relax.

Things that make me smile

• Watching clouds fly across the sky.

• Talking to my bestie.

• The smell of rain in the air.

• Singing my favourite songs at the top of my lungs with wild abandon.

• Just dancing even without music on, just ‘cos I feel like it.

• Discussing Super Heroes with my Kindys.

• Writing in my journal.

• Just sitting at my new desk.

• Spending time with my family.

• Getting pampered at the hairdressers.

• Rainy days.

• Curling up with a good book and letting my imagination run wild with all the words I am reading.

• Looking at old photographs and remembering how fun it was when I was young.

• When the phone rings and it’s the person you were just thinking about.

• Autumn leaves falling.

• The wind in the trees on a windy day, it almost as if they are talking to me.

• My first time seeing the snow.

• The fading light at day’s end.

• Memories of living in Petworth, West Sussex when I was a Nanny.

• When former students see me in the playground and gather around me for a quick chat.

• Happy mail, when it is from my favourite sticker subscriptions.

• The sound of rain falling.

• Getting to sleep in.

• Having a hot chai latte.

• Eating a good curry.

• Taking my time, and not hurrying myself when not needed too.

• Going to Jackson’s art supply and looking at all of the new stuff available.

• Going to my favourite craft supply store and stocking up on all different goodies.

• Finding something in my stash that I didn’t know I had and feeling like Christmas.

• Spoiling myself with an online purchase, for no particular reason at all.

Wow didn’t know there were so many things that make me smile, some seem so small indeed.

Hope you have a great Friyay tomorrow and see you soon.


Kitty-Kat xox

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