Sunday thoughts

I can not believe it is already Sunday, early evening already ? I am sitting writing this blog post on my bed, with the sea breeze coming through my open window. Yes I feel a little sad that the weekend is nearly over, but hey nothing can last forever. I feel too what makes weekends so special is the fact that, they don’t last more than two days.

I am writing this as well as listening to my Spotify music, I work best with loud music playing. Sunday evenings are my time to unwind and chill out. No real stress or real worries. I try to focus on the here and now, I can cope better that way.

I like watching the sun turn our bathroom golden with it’s gentle light. And the sky out my window turn from blue to dark blues and purples as the sun goes down. It is the little things that make Sundays special, a bird sings outside my open window, saying farewell to the day, is the sweetest sound to me. The day hasn’t been too hot as well which adds to my happiness.

My thoughts also turn to my journals and notebooks, what I can write about ? What can I collage into there pages ? Maybe I have been neglecting them a little too much lately ?

I will devote time to write something and maybe do some collage as well. Time to simply be me and not worrying about anything else. Sundays for me, are purely for yourself and time with family and nothing else.

So back to my Spotify and journals and wish you all a peaceful Sunday morning, evening or night wherever you may be.


Kitty-Kat xox

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