I would like to live on a cloud

Days like these, I would quite like to go live on a cloud. It may seem a little extreme of me, but at least I could get some uninterrupted time to simply think, and watch the world go by, up on my cloud. I could listen to the wind, as she gently blew the clouds along. Simply watch all the people down there on earth, as small as ants, just going about their day, always in a rush.

Up on my cloud I would be safe from all the trials and tribulations happening below me. I would be safe from any cruel words sent to cut my heart, people’s words can’t get as high as heaven. I could walk from cloud to cloud seeing everything from a new perspective. Seeing life as a cloud, freedom to roam across the blue skies and not troubled by petty troubles below.

I would love to hear what clouds had to say, how would they talk, and indeed how do they live out there days. Imagine seeing from a cloud’ s perspective when it rains ? How do clouds feel when they are dark and heavy ? I know that may all sound very absurd to you all, but to live like a cloud may be quite lovely indeed.

Alas that is only my wild imagination carrying me away, I have to stay earthbound. I can only watch the clouds from below, and watch them be carried away from me. My longing is keen, but never to be realized, my soul may soar, but my body can not leave this world, to roam amongst the clouds. It’s to heavy to even leave the world from where I come from.

Clouds appear carefree to me, days of floating about and no ties to get you down. Poet’s write poems for them, people watch them and countless images are plastered upon social media of them. We are fascinated by them and even though their appearance can be explained by science, we still remain transfixed by their appearance in our skies.

Cloudlovers the world over make a hobby of cloudwatching our fair skies. There a plenty of books on the hobby and myself included love to name the clouds I see in the sky above. Children make pictures from them, and I always thought as a kid that sometimes the clouds gathered together, look like an ocean of waves in the sky above me. Funny how we see everyday occurrences from the innocent eyes of a child.

On that note I will simply float away on my cloud into the horizon and beyond.


Kitty-Kat xox

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