It’s raining

I woke up this morning and was quite confused by the noise I could hear outside my open window, it then struck me, it was raining. Now those who follow my blog quite regularly would know at the moment here in Perth ,Western Australia we are in summer. So the rain came as a welcoming surprise, because there is nothing more than I like better than the rain. So as I write this a few showers have passed by. Summer rain is something quite different from other types of rain I feel. It is surely more welcome, because it often on the back of really hot weather.

I was drawn to write this blog post, because it was beautiful to wake up from to the sound of rain falling. It is such a magical and sweet sound to hear. I almost thought I might of been dreaming at first ? I am so glad I wasn’t though, because now I can write about the experience of it. It probably won’t rain all day though, but that can’t take away the feelings I had this morning, and what a lovely memory to have always.

So with those words I hope you all have a wonderful Friday wherever you may be.


Kitty-Kat xox

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