Sticky notes

It’s Thursday morning and I have decided to do a fun post about sticky notes and my love for them. I had a lot of fun finding photos to put together for this blog post. Sticky notes are by far the best thing ever invented, especially to a stationery junkie like me. I used them all the time at school, but also in my journaling and creative endeavours they are so fun to use.

A new stack of post it’s to use 😍

I adore this wall of sticky notes 💜

I am always on the lookout for quotes and interesting words, so I have a stack of sticky notes by me to capture these little gems. There is nothing worse than forgetting an awesome quote because you did not write it down.

Then there is my hoarding of sticky notes, ‘cos I would never want to run out of my favourite office supply. So instead I have a lovely collection of them, I will probably never run out of them anytime soon, but there is always a rainy day. They are so portable which is probably the reason why I have so many. Small enough to fit in a pocket or my handbag.

Sticky notes also come out now, not only in plain yellow, but every colour of the rainbow, as well as every shape and different designs. It makes a stationery junkie like me absolutely drool with excitement on what to buy.

At school in my job as an Education assistant, they are an necessary to help me keep on top of the work I need to do. They help me colour coordinate the two Kindy groups we have blue and green. And then there is yellow for Pre-Primary’s. They help me also with writing notes on my desk to remember tasks I need to do.It also helps the Teachers I work, with leave me notes to photocopy or lay out a portfolio piece for them. Without them it’s just boring notes on paper.

I love to try out something I saw on social media, when a person opened a library book, to find an inspiring note stuck in it. That is an original idea to use sticky notes, one I hadn’t come across before in my travels. It’s something feel good for not only the person who finds it in their library book, but for the person who left it in the first place.

Some of the parent’s at school have left little post it notes in their children’s lunch boxes, to wish them anything from a good day or even a smiley face. It just brightens up the child’s day and puts a smile on their face. When you think about it, there are so many things you can do with a sticky note.

I have a habit of sticking them in my journal to save a page, or to write down my ideas, or draw a layout on how I want the page spread to look. That way I am not messing up my journal needlessly. Sometimes I stick them in with a little double sided tape and make them a feature of the page, and even use it as an journaling tab.

You kinda wonder what we did without these clever sticky notes ? Well there was notepads and books to write in. Although that is another blog post to write I feel. Sticky notes are by far the best thing ever invented, and the world would be duller place without them.


Kitty-Kat xox

2 thoughts on “Sticky notes

  1. words4jp says:

    I share in your love of posties – that is what I call them. All shapes and sizes and colors, as well. So very convenient when a thought comes to mind – but can be dangerous to the ability to stick to ‘other’ items where they do not belong or ‘apply’ (pardon the pun). I still use them though!!!

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