Notebooks appear to have always been rather important to me, throughout my life. They are always near me and I carry one wherever I go. Notebooks come in a variety of styles and colours as well, which makes it harder to choose just one. If truth be known I have notebooks stashed all over the place. And everytime I discover one it’s like Christmas.

I remember back when I was a kid, my Poppy would give us a spiral bound notebook and I would pretend to write the stories I had in my head. My writing was scribbled, but that was the way I saw people writing, every line told a story though from the depths of my imagination. I drew as well, and soon my notebook was full of all my stories. I felt proud of myself and my notebook, I guess that was where my habit of carrying one came about, and stuck with me right up to now. And what a good habit to create early on.

There is nothing sweeter or better in life than the smell of a brand new notebook, when you open for the very first time. Then there is moving yourself into one as I do with my journals, surprisingly every single notebook is different, and feels strange at first. Especially when you carry them around for days, months at a time. You get used to the paper and how it reacts to your favourite pen or medium you want to use. The size also makes a difference too, like when I journal in my MTN or my other spiral bound notebook. The page shape and size varies quite a bit at times. You adjust with time and then your notebook becomes a close confident, that joins you on your journey through life.

Currently I am using a notebook to take notes from the books that I am reading. It is a practice I have always done to remember phrases, quotes and words from what I read, usually to put in my journal for later or to simply flip back on. It also means I can use up my vast collection of notebooks too. When I read so many things pop out at me, so notebooks are so handy to jot bits and pieces down. It feels more concrete to see it written down in my own handwriting, I feel more connected to it on a deeper level. It also helps to remember, something to do with the brain and hand being connected together. And nothing beats a full notebook, written by your own hand.

Notebooks keep my creativity alive, as well as keep me sane. They provide a safe haven for me to experiment, and let go of all my thoughts and strong emotions, that threaten to overwhelm me at times, and cheaper than therapy too.

Please let me know how you feel about notebooks ? Did you mess about with them like me as a kid ? Or do you have a massive collection of them like me ?


Kitty-Kat xox

6 thoughts on “Notebooks

  1. thehummingbirdsjournal says:

    I related so much to this post like the fact that writing helps keep me sane, too. I admire your dedication to writing down quotes. I tend to get lazy to copy them down, but I agree that it definitely helps to remember. When I went grocery shopping last week, I saw a different version of a notebook I already have, and I might buy myself another even though I don’t necessarily need it 🙂

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  2. words4jp says:

    I too have a notebooks. I always have – even now with laptop computers and iPads – in prefer writing my thoughts with an actual pencil (my style of choice) and paper:). plus, sometimes you see one that is sooo cute or one in my favorite color…I gotta have!

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