Candle in the wind

I just heard “Candle in the wind” by Elton John and it reminded me about Marilyn Monroe and her life. I feel as if she really played a part in Hollywood, and that it wasn’t the real Marilyn we saw. That got me thinking that everyone, myself included really play parts throughout our lives. And only those who you really feel close too, see the real you.

Marilyn Monroe would put on a smile, makeup and act to go out into the world. That is what I do some days, plaster a smile on my face to greet my working day. Whoever saw an unhappy Kindy Aide before ? Queen’s song “The show must go on” I feel really sums up that feeling, we continue in life despite the turmoil inside us all.

Marilyn Monroe I feel was more than just a pretty face, I think she was also a little girl lost, who only wanted to be loved by her Mother. Alas mental illness took her Mother away, and so she had to fend for herself in this big bad world. Where Marilyn learnt to play a part, that had men fall at her feet, and the entire world loving her still even after her death.

Norma Jean was her real name as Elton John says in his song. And the line he sang ” Goodbye Norma Jean, though I never knew you at all…” It always chills me to the bone, because it is so very true, we never knew the real Norma Jean. We only knew the allusion of Marilyn Monroe, who aimed to please and simply be loved.

I know too that Marilyn also took drugs, etc. I guess to numb the pain she felt deep in her soul. Although nothing would of touched that never ending pain and sorrow she felt deep within herself. And yet we remember what we want too about this Hollywood legend. And sometimes it may not be the truth, for truth doesn’t really sell books and interviews quite the way lies do.

I know people will say to me that Norma Jean wanted all that fame and fortune in her life. Yes that may be true to a certain extent, but nobody really wants to play a part all the time. Is it any wonder that her mask slipped at times, for when you are denying your true self, is when the cracks start to show and you start to fall apart like a house of cards.

It isn’t healthy to be someone you are not, you deny your own happiness, for the happiness of others. And how can that be good for you, the only person that lives with you day in and day out ? Marilyn Monroe was an illusion, and a very good one at that. I just wonder if Norma Jean got any peace in the end ?

You don’t need to be a famous movie star to play a part, we all are actors that get good at our lies. I am not quite sure where all this bitter resentment is coming from ? I guess at times it all gets too much for me, I hate fake people, and yet that is what I often turn into day after day. Fake mask to please others, fake mask because nobody really wants to hear what I want to say. For if you knew the truth about me, you would probably runaway.

Candle in the wind by Elton John perfectly sums up a life gone to soon, a life that was blown out, just like a candle near an open window. It just doesn’t seem fair, that some live onto old age and others die before their time, so young it is heartbreaking for us all. Marilyn Monroe will never be forgotten and Norma Jean can rest in peace finally in heaven.

Hollywood is no place for a fragile soul like Norma Jean was. I couldn’t breathe in a place like that, always playing a part in case they photograph you. Goodbye Norma Jean you were something else indeed.


Kitty-Kat xox

One thought on “Candle in the wind

  1. rawgod says:

    If you keep acting, pretending to be who you are not, you are liable to end up like Norma Jean. If you don’t already know, find out who you are, who and what “you” want to be, and then be yourself. If you live to please others you may never be happy. Live to please yourself, and whether or not you find happiness, at least you will know you are honest.
    Remember, your happiness is not dependent on anyone else, it comes from you, and belongs to you. No one else.

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