The other day out in our playground we were getting the Kindys together to some outdoor activities, when I few leaves from one of our big trees came down and brushed past me. Well once that happened, more began to fall, and even though our Autumn isn’t as

spectacular as other parts of the world. It made me smile when it fell so dainty upon the ground. I love little moments like that. So very small and to most people instinctive, but to me so very big indeed.

Autumn however in England truly took my breathe away, the way woodlands near my home would came ablaze with such vivid colours. I don’t believe a painting or photo would of ever done it justice. It needed to be experienced in the flesh. A moment never to forget. It makes my birthday ever so sweet being in Autumn I feel like everybody is having a huge party on my behalf.

Leaves falling is a sight I love the most, as if the leaves themselves wants to dance with me.


Kitty-Kat xox

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