Handwritten notes and letters, for many people, think that they are a thing of the past. To me handwriting is something that makes all of us distinctly human, and different from one another. No two people have the same handwriting at all. There is something special about seeing a note in a person’s hand. Those long dead can come back to us through, the letters they leave behind. Never quite forgotten truly, knowing their hands have touched the paper you hold as well.

I may use technology like my smart phone to write and update my blog, but I also like nothing else better than to take out pen and paper. To see my handwriting appear across a page glass my heart to no end. You feel like you are quite literally, making your physical mark on the world. A way for other’s too remember and know you by.

My journals and notebooks are filled to bursting with not only my handwriting, but also my writing voice, distinctly mine and mine alone. With the typed word some of that is sorely lost, surely the crossing out of words, and including others. As well as the spelling mistakes and uneven writing that comes with a rather good idea. You can basicly see my thoughts process with my handwritten notes. And my goodness I make a lot of them, then I gather them altogether into my Blog or my journals.

I have to collected over the years cards, letters and other stuff from my family and friends I have lost through the years. To see my name in their handwriting makes me smile, yes it still hurts that they are gone, but I have their writing to capture their essence in. Possessions should not over ride people, but if that is all you have left of them, the possession is priceless.

To me the sight of handwritten pages makes me smile, as well as the smell of old pages does as well. The crumpled and thin paper is a dream to touch with your bare hands. It’s as if the pages of a journal often last longer than the person who wrote them. The paper ages a lot slower than we do, we return to dust while our words live on and stand the test of time.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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