Just one more post please..

This title for the following post just came to me. I was wondering if I could do another post before bed. And I thought yes of course I could. There is always time for one more thing, it goes without saying really. These blog posts are getting more and more, and you know what ? I am absolutely loving it, every single minute of it.

I feel freer some how with my writing now. It isn’t all crazy and disjointed in the way, I put it all together for my blog. It is flowing quite wonderfully and I am never short of ideas. I am so grateful for my journaling has lead to my writing voice coming back too me, after all these years.

I am so in love with writing now and honesty can not wait to pick up my pen too write, or in the case of my Blog, can not wait to type away my thoughts and true feelings. I feel to that I am delving deeper into the very core of my soul. I feel that for quite some time I am writing from within, when I used to write from just the surface of things.

And I am finding it shining through my heart and soul so much, so that it lifts me off the ground and I wonder how could I of thought what I wrote before could even come close to what I am doing now. I guess though we need to walk before we run, and that is the same for writing.

So it is always gonna be just one more post for me. I have found my ninch and nothing is going to stop me now.


Kitty-Kat xox

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