Dreaming of all the hot tea and chai latte I am going to have over the weekend, because it’s Friyay again. That came around quickly this week since we had a long weekend last weekend. I am certainly not complaining about the weekend coming sooner at all, after busy week at school looking for a well needed break.

Sorry for the rambling, I am writing this in my allotted time of writing before I go to school. So I mainly hit out a draft which then goes through a thorough editing stage, before I finally publish it so all you lovely people in the blogosphere can read it. I wonder if that is an actual word ? Maybe I just made it up 😂 that is quite funny indeed.

Friyay is also my weekly physio appointment, for my ankle and so relaxing time of the day for me. It’s lovely to lie down and look up at the ceiling for 20 minutes, no children around and complete silence.

Today at school Kindy’ s did their obstacle course with climbing, balancing and throwing. A lot struggle and it is where we see, the children of today have no gross or fine motor skills, usual for this age group. It’s sad but it’s not their fault, children can not be children these days, they are kept inside and even have more screen time than I do as an adult. So as a Kindy Aide I do what I can do, and try and give them opportunities wherever I can to strengthen and learn the skills. What more can you do ?

I am writing this post now after my day at school and after my Physio appointment, just before I have my dinner. So Friyay is really happening now, time after for a lovely long shower and swap school clothes for home ones and curl up with Netflixs. So hope you all have a lovely Friyay and see you real soon here on my blog.


Kitty-Kat xox

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