Rainy day Saturdays

I woke up early this morning to the sound of pouring rain, it was a beautiful sound, which lulled me into a deep slumber, once again. It was lovely to wake not by an alarm, but by Nature, herself. Just to be able to lay back in my bed, and listen to the rain falling on the roof of our house. And the sound of water going down the drainpipes off the roof.

It has been a long hot at times Summer and in this in between period, where it isn’t Summer and Autumn isn’t quite ready to step up to the plate, the rain is a welcome relief. I feel the days are getting shorter, and the nights cooler as the month of March goes on.

Unlike those in the Northern hemisphere, here in Perth,Western Australia we don’t get a true Autumn season. It just suddenly goes from Summer to Winter in a couple of struggles between the two seasons.

The day has been a constant long shower of rain, sometimes hard and then eases off. It reminds me of the rain in England, where it is almost like a tap is turned on and then just as suddenly turns back off.

My Dad and I went to the local library and it was quite refreshing walking in the rain, no umbrella to break the contact between me and the raindrops. I felt strangely refreshed and not at all bothered by the rain.

Rainy days are heaven especially on weekends where you can really enjoy them and not be distracted by getting to work or running errands. I sat in the library after choosing my books and enjoyed looking out at the rain falling and being surrounded by thousands of books.

I could of literally stay there all day surrounded by the books and comfy chair to sit on. Maybe a lovely chai latte too, but not necessarily needed, just me getting carried away with my little fancy.

It’s so funny how fast my words appear and I have written several paragraphs for this blog post. I feel so grateful for this platform to be able to share with others my life and little stories that pop up throughout it all.


Kitty-Kat xox

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