Bedtime already…

My favourite place would have to be my bed, and it is always bittersweet when I need to go to bed. I certainly don’t want to get out of it in morning, but it always seem hard for me, to go to bed, and takes even longer to go to sleep.

So how could my favourite place, also be my perfect nightmare ?

It is often a struggle to sleep, I think mainly because my mind thinks it’s time to party. All the thoughts I maybe carrying around all day decide, due to the quietness they can come racing out of me. Great but very bad timing πŸ™„ why does my mind wait till then ?

I get around it by listening to my Spotify music app, then settle down to slumber and no chatter from my overactive mind. Reading helps too, I’ve trained my mind to rest as soon as I pick up a book and start reading. These things often work, otherwise I simply stay up and journal, getting all things crowding my mind out on the page.

How do you get too sleep ?

Do you have trouble getting to sleep ?

Let me know your thoughts on the subject. Are there any other tricks you use ?


Kitty-Kat xox

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