Blog diary

I have been a little bit neglectful of my Blog diary, meaning I haven’t started it yet, but hope too before the week is out. Well it is Saturday, late afternoon and planning to do some writing in my Blog diary, or start too.

I have written up blog post for 31/12/18 and realize I may have to add pages with all the posts I have actually written each day. I had forgotten that on some days I wrote several posts, so it doesn’t all fit in one page. Oh well makes my Blog diary more exciting and probably chunky as well.

It is already tipping to be an great idea to look back at my posts, I have done a little editing here and there, where I didn’t realize I had made a few mistakes. It’s all part to learning and writing a blog, nothing is ever perfect and you know what I wouldn’t want it to be any other way.

So many things have already changed from that post of 2018 and look forward to adding little bits here and there from now. I don’t know why I had been dragging my feet for weeks, when all I needed was to simply go for it and again just start writing, no fuss at all.

As I get more into it I will share photos of my progress, and can not wait to share more insights from my Blog diary as it grows. Stay tuned !


Kitty-Kat xox

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