Weekend treasures

I can not believe it is already Saturday morning again, where has the time gone ? I hope your weekend has gotten off to a great start ? Mine was celebrating last night with a combined 40th and 50th birthday party for two good friends of mine.

We went to Eat Greek a lovely restaurant in East Fremantle, was absolutely gorgeous to be sitting looking out over the Swan river. The food was smorgasbord and some Greek with a few other dishes. I tried a Long Island Tea cocktail and loved it, quite strong but refreshing all the same.

We got there a little early to set up the tables with balloons, unfortunately the 4 and 5 had an accident and when we got them out of my bestie’ s Jeep they had deflated. So instead we put the two zero on the table instead and it still looked effective. The birthday girls had to wear a special birthday girl badge, as well as sitting together at the table. It was a gorgeous night, not too hot, if a little chilly indeed.

There was lots of laughs and even more so when the plate breaking begun, which felt good to break a plate or two. I got swept up in the Greek dancing, thank goodness I had gone to the Physio beforehand, although on a side note my ankle pulled up rather well. It was so much fun to let your hair down for a change.

Now it’s Saturday morning and I am going to get some money out of the ATM, as well as some shopping with my folks. Just an easy day after an eventful week. Time to do a little writing on my Blog, my journal which is almost complete and some creative writing too.

Weekends are for family and friends, nothing else whatsoever.

I got myself some bargains at the local Op shop, a few books, a hardly used beauty case and some little figurines that simply had to come home with me. I thought it was a good haul and Mum was pleased with the points on her loyalty card. Op shops are always a hidden treasure trove of things, and someone like me who loves one of a kind things, I am always finding something to take home with me.

After leaving our purchases in the car, my folks and I went to have a coffee and rest. It was my first chai latte where I could simply enjoy and not gulp down in a rush. We could talk and people watch, two of my favourite pastimes. Then it was off to the Newagency where I stocked up on magazines to read later in the day.

I popped into my favourite place to get a few crafty things and ended up coming out with stickers, Easter cards and tags for my journaling. It was fun and lovely to spend time with my folks, maybe I am different in the way, I have never shyed away from hanging around them in my spare time. Family is family to me.

As I write these couple of paragraphs, it is nearly time for dinner, the weather is sunny and cool, but strangely I feel a change in the season. Roll on cooler days and nights. Maybe my weekend plans aren’t exciting, I am not going away or anything glamorous, but a weekend just doing the simple everyday things is good enough for me.

Roll on Saturday night.

Ciao for now and hope your weekend is all you wish it to be ?

Kitty-Kat xox

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