My journal is very full

This is my current spiral bound paper journal that I have been working on for oh a couple of months now. As you can see from this photo, it has gotten rather full and stuffed of journal goodness. It has been fun to work in a different type of journal set up as well, I never thought spiral bound notebook would ever work with me, but I stand corrected, it has been a dream.

I adored decorating the back and front covers and then making them stronger by covering it over with clear packing tape. It was originally a Stampin’ up journal that I ordered along with a couple more. Unfortunately they don’t sell them anymore, which is a real shame, because they are so easy to journal in.

Journaling is such a soothing past time to have, it also helps me to be centred and grounded as well. Sometimes they are two very hard things for me to do. I am very much a dreamer, but a doer and often lose sight of my intentions along the way. Mostly when my life gets overwhelming and I struggle to cope, my journal helps me get back to basics and simply be able to live again.

My journal helps me to use up my stash, that over the Summer holidays got a little out of hand again. Yes there will be another clean out when it gets a little cooler. It is not nice with humid weather and cleaning out your room. I have gotten sidetracked yet again, from journals to cleaning out my room.

I also feel satisfied that I have again managed to fill a complete journal notebook yet again. It is always a feel good moment to me when that happens, it’s good to feel like you have achieved something, however small that may actually be.

I haven’t completely filled the journal, alas just a few more pages to go,to finish it off. But it is well on it’s way. This means I will be breaking in another journal real soon, oh the dread that brings up. The look for the perfect journal, one which I think never really truly exists.

Ciao and hope you enjoy this blog post.

Kitty-Kat xox

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