Journaling bliss

Yesterday was a pretty full on day, relief teacher threw a spanner in the works. All good just a little crazy at times, ended up with headache and all so tired. Staff meeting at the end of the day, cherry on top. So was feeling rather drained and tired when I got home from school.

I had a shower and then got out my collage collection and other journaling bits and bobs, to sit down for a journaling session. I ended up doing it until bed last night, after a few breaks of dinner and watching Frasier with my brother. I couldn’t believe it how time had flown and I felt so good again. I guess I truly needed it and all my emotions went into the pages and not me. I didn’t do a lot of writing mainly just sticking in and designing layouts for my journal.

I am so happy with my journal already to go with the pen, my thoughts and memories. I felt a certain bliss by doing it last night and ended up running out of pages before I did of ideas. Next I will also add stickers, washi tape and other little details I love to put in my journals.

Below is a few pages of my new journal and hope you enjoy them ?

Have a gorgeous Friyay 🤣


Kitty-Kat xox

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