It’s been nearly a week since I blogged….

I just realized it had been almost a week since I last blogged. It feels like forever, but alas it hasn’t at all. School is coming to an end for the term, and so it has become a little crazy at the moment. We have an Easter bonnet parade tomorrow, which meant making a lot of Easter bonnets for two lots of Kindys and our Pre-Primarys as well. There is Easter cards, baskets and goodies to make with the children, and so my time has been tied up with all that. I love my job too which means I maybe throw myself in a little too much. This means at times my other creative endeavours get pushed aside for awhile. I feel sometimes you need to take a step back from things, to really form a complete picture of your life. So I am back and ready to go.

I have finished my new journal seen on my blog, and now got another one I have been writing in for a week or so. It is blissful and I enjoy decorating it before I even write a word in it. I have been spending time with my bestie and going to our regular waffle night date. Last night I met her hubby for the first time, which was lovely since we have only spoken on the phone. I am getting the hang of program at school and new way of working. I guess a change is as good as a holiday, you could say. I am having fun with the kids who make me laugh so much sometimes. It is a pleasure to spend time with them and learning all about their individual personalities. They have been having lunch outdoors, under the trees picnic style on mats and loving it. At least the weather is still fine to do it, and the kids all like to chat with each other.

I have also been using up a lot of my craft stash in my journals and collage collection too. It has been liberating to use things put away and forgotten or simply there for my journals, not saving them for a rainy day that never comes. It means too my journals are becoming chunky and colourful places as well as lots of writing too. I have also been thinking of new ideas for blog posts, even though I have been busy on other projects. I feel this blog post will be a very long one with all the things I need to say and do. Mostly catch up with six days of my life too. My life may not be a soap opera or anything, but things do happen, especially when you work with children, nothing is ever boring with them in your life.

Two more days of school then two weeks holidays will be an absolute dream indeed. Time well spent on all my creative endeavours I am sure to catch up on with. With that said I will say adieu until next blog post, have a great week everybody.

Kitty-Kat xox

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