There is nothing more comforting, than to get home after school, and having a hot shower and then getting into your comfy pj’s and fluffy slippers. To me it is total bliss indeed. As I write this blog, I am sitting cozy on my bed amongst all my pillows and cushions. I love my bed being an total haven from the outside world. It is a place to escape, as well as also being plush and very tactile place. It is where I can let my guard down completely and simply pamper myself. I guess that was why I chose all these cozy pictures, to go along with my blog post. My bed is my bliss after working all day, I always look forward too, climbing into my blissful bed and dream away. After such an eventful week, I feel I need my little space even more. I need to be kind to myself, and let me just soak up a quiet low key place where I am left alone and need not worry about being disturbed at all.

Friyay has been my saviour today, knowing I would have two days to simply do as I please. I need days like that sometimes, and hate it when my weekends are too over scheduled. I need a buffer between my work days. I get it how people like to have crazy schedules, but I am not one of those people. Sometimes you need to leave time unscheduled for a moment or two. The world will still be there, whether your to do list is a mile long, or whether you simply play it by ear. Nothing is as important as your health or family. Everything else will still be there whether you are there or not. Me, I have learnt over the years it is better too spend time with family and friends, the other stuff falls into place.

Anyway it is Friyay and let the weekend begin 😁

Hope your weekend is full of me time and cozy slippers ?

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

2 thoughts on “Friyay

  1. thehummingbirdsjournal says:

    I so totally agree with you on the crazy schedules. I don’t consider myself a super busy person, but if I was I know I’d need lots of me time to balance it out. So with you and the being kind to ourselves, rest, and feeling pampered. 💛✨

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