Weekend over

Today is Sunday and so the weekend is almost over, last night we had stormy weather with a lot of rain and wind. The kind of weather where it is good to be cozy and indoors, my favourite was falling asleep to the sound of falling rain. There is surely no better sound in the world I feel and probably not alone in thinking that way either.

It’s been a rather rainy day with bright moments of blue sky and sunshine. At times like that makes you feel good to be alive, and I know I am grateful for every day moments in my life. It’s week 9 of the school term, and so only 2 weeks until school holidays and I am so very ready for them indeed. I think I am not alone in that way of thinking either ? The Flu bug has really knocked our Kindys and Pre-Primary’s really quite hard, and most days it has been 10 and under, the poor mites are getting really quite sick.

Hopefully this week will see more coming, it is also School Photos this week on Tuesday and Thursday so that will be a lot of fun for the Photographer. I am loving just getting down and chatting with the kids, they really make me laugh a lot. I also been taking a leaf out of their books and living in the present, not worrying about small stuff and letting it go. It has made me less stressed and more carefree and just not owning the negative baggage that goes around at times. Since I have been doing it my life has become a lot more less stressful, and I think hey I don’t really need to take all the negativity.

Hey I am not perfect by no mean and fall off the wagon a few times, but I will not be beaten and up I go again. I am feeling to coming home and chilling with music helps it all drift away and leave me happy. I guess to I need to stay clear of toxic people as well, they really do drain you completely. I have always been prone to negativity, and it sucking me dry. I guess it’s why at times, I need to shut myself away from the world, and people to recharge myself.

Wow didn’t realize this blog post would be so serious, but there you go it was, and I feel strangely content with my life and world right about now. The radio is on playing my favourite tunes, and me at times singing along, or remembering when I first heard the song. It is simply a restful Sunday afternoon into early evening and I simply want to stay here and soak it all up.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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