Journal full

I was gonna use photos from my current journal, only to realize I had none on my phone at all. It seems I filled this entire journal without even taking an photos of it at all. Usual for me, but hey it happens and so here are some up too date pics of my Kikki K notebook from the current range.

I think the main reason for not a lot of pictures, is that most of my journaling was rather private and I did not want too share it on Social media. Let’s not dwell on that, and instead let me say what an amazing journal it has been to have by my side all this time. I have grown within it’s pages and learning to journal with a lot more words and not just all the other stuff, at times gets in the way.

It’s gotten so chunky it has a Kikki K elastic band around it to keep it closed. I really love the gold covers and gold edging on the pages that make it simply divine. It has postcards from a trip to Melbourne art galley that Mum and I went on a couple of years ago. They are prints of paintings that caught my eye, and were only gathering dust in a storage box in my bedroom, so I thought I would include them in my journal. It really is a memory keeper and as well as being a place for all my thoughts good or bad and in between to go.

Oh Amy Winehouse is on the radio with “Black in Black” one of my favourite songs. Yes that was rather random bit to write into my blog post, but hey that is me 😂 It is a good song and Amy Winehouse is an amazing, and yet tragic figure in pop culture. Her voice was so soulful and kinda like those before her Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald sound so very older than Winehouse.

I totally got sidetracked there by my love of music and listening to the radio while I write up my blog posts. Anyway it makes life pretty interesting, and certainly keeps me on my toes for sure.

My journal has been through a few things with me, and times in my life that will never be again. I guess it is why leaving a journal is so very hard, because you basically put your heart and soul into every page. That has to build a bond somehow between journal writer and journal. I guess that is probably why I did not photograph it so much. It had become a rather private and treasured item in my life.

Anyway that is all from me

Ciao Kitty-Kat xox

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