Monday kinda fun day

Well Monday has come and is certainly on it’s way out now. As I write this blog post it is Monday night and I am sitting listening to music while I write away in my blog. I always feel so very warm and right in my happy place here in my own blog. It somehow always feels right to me. Maybe not perfect, but what ever is ?

Work was quite good, a lot of busy stuff like Kindys drawing the setting for Gingerbread man in crayon. Pre-Primarys writing about the story and then decorating our Gingerbread men this afternoon. No rain and plenty of blue sky for the kids to enjoy and run around in.

I got to have recess with my bestie and so only had a few minutes to chat about weekends and everything else under the sun. All those things you only appear to talk about with your bestie and nobody else can understand it. We did get to chat for awhile when She brought me home and then off we went, in all many of topics. I am so very lucky to have a bestie in my life again.

This probably why all the pictures of friends and friendship in this blog post, I guess I am happy and want everybody else to feel that way too. It is so very funny how I could go years and years without a best friend, and now I would be lost without her in my life. It’s so uncanny how we compliment one another, without even trying at times.

Spending time with my bestie always seems too leave me happier and a lot less stress in my life. Mainly because I can tell her anything and feel totally supported and protected, nobody could ever hurt me, with my best friend around.

The Kindys were so sweet and my goodness the boys were so loud playing with the Duplo and making things. I love to watch their play, and all the funny things they say and do while deeply into it. I really enjoy and love my job and it’s little moments like this that make it so very clear to me indeed. I realize this is where I want to be and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Being a Kindy Aide is really rewarding, and yet so very tiring as well, and yet you never remember those times at all. So Monday was fun and school photos tomorrow.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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