Rainy day Sunday

It always my favourite place to hang out especially when the weather is so cold and rainy, it is of course is my bed, piled high with pillows and cuddy blankets to shut out all the world indeed. Yes I had to put my big girl pants on, and go out in the wet Sunday morning first chai latte and hot apple pie with my folks at a cafe just near the IGA shop we go too. While we sat drinking coffee, it rained outside and I was so glad to be in a warm cafe. After shopping it was so good to be back home, curled up on my bed reading a craft magazine and hearing the rain pouring outside my window. There is nothing better than a cozy bed and something to read to help you get in the mood of another lazy Sunday. Life can be shut out and you can read, listen to music or simply listen to the rain falling outside. It truly is a lovely way to spend the day, no commitments and any place really to be, simply just cozy and warm in bed.

Next weekend will be bliss, because I will be on holidays for two weeks from school, time I am really looking forward to indeed and this winter weather is perfect for PJ days and hanging out on my bed. It also is a favourite place of mine to journal and simply close the door on the outside world for awhile. I have had cold after cold lately and it will be good to simply let my body have some down time. I love my job as well as the children, but feel it is good to simply have a break from routine and shake it up a little. So not a lot of plans, but I know my Bestie and I will be having adventures as always. And my journaling needs to have some time put into it and of course myself as well. No doubt coffee shop visits and bookshops browsing will be in order and rightly so after all they always make me smile.

I am writing this on my tablet while I listen to the radio and editing it on the fly, I hate it when I see a spelling mistake sentences back. Oh well slightly different from writing on a typewriter indeed, but I do miss those days typing away madly on a manual typewriter and then an electric one that Dad had eons ago. It is rather funny the way things have developed so fast and into many compact design and size. No heavy typewriters or large computers, everything fits perfectly in our hands now. I think I am way off topic now for sure, oh well it happens. It is raining quite heavy again which has made it feel even colder as well if that is possible indeed. Oh well right where I want to be snuggled up in my bed writing my blog post and listening to the falling rain, blissful indeed. I love rainy nights as much as I love rainy days. Well I am off to read and settle down to sleep.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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