I recently found an old poetry book amongst one of my boxes, it was called “An Open Air Anthology” and I have been dipping into it quite regularly these last couple of days.

It is split into the four seasons and simply takes my breathe away. Every page gives me vivid pictures as I sit and read them one by one. It also makes me pretty homesick for the beautiful English countryside that I grew to love as my own.

All my favourite poets including John Keats, every line has me back in the English countryside and among the rolling hills of the South Downs, that so captured my heart and soul. I can still see them in my mind’s eye, even today all those years ago. My heart never forgets what my eyes showed me all those many years ago.

I think I fell rather hard in love with the English countryside, and so any chance to read about it brings back. Then while deciding to write this blog post, I ended up finding these amazing pictures to go along with. So many to choose, so I simply uploaded them all easy fixed I guess you could say. It’s funny how a simple poem can bring all your memories flooding back ?

England is an amazing place and the countryside is certainly a great place to live, a totally different way of life. Very much slower pace and as well a place of wide open spaces and green everywhere you look. The weather could be rainy, but it could also be a warm summer day with blue skies and golden sand on a Devon beach.

I love my life in Australia, but in a heartbreak I could go back to England to live and enjoy the quaint English villages. It was like something out of an English novel by Thomas Hardy and yet it felt older somehow, such history within it’s borders.

Any way ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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