Movie day

Yesterday my Bestie and I had her Grandkids to look after, we were gonna be painting, but unfortunately problem with the paint and so it was a movie day instead. This meant time to shop at Coles to stock up on goodies with enough sugar to sink many a ship. So once that was done and a pit stop at Maccas, we went back to my Bestie’s house and set up ready for movies. That took some time too, because it is so difficult to choose one for everyone, and so we watched in the end, Tooth fairy with The Rock. It was a quite funny and entertaining movie and I think us adults laughed a lot more than the kids did.

The most laughs were had when going to pick up Grandkids from their Dad’s work we got hopelessly lost. Now this is not a new thing with us and technology of SATNAV, simple for many but not us. It has sent us into paddocks last time we used it or else myself and the SATNAV have terrible fights about her directions which in turn make my best friend laugh while driving which is never a good thing. P.S: We ended up going around in a loop because we missed our turnoff and then once on the street we couldn’t find the right number. Instead of losing our cool we simply giggled and giggled until we found the right place. Getting everyone into the car was the next challenge which was kinda like at the circus when getting a bunch of clowns in.

It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed spending family time with my best friend’s family. I ended up meeting her daughter and also her youngest son, and saw her husband again who is very funny indeed. It was also what I needed a little down time with movies and good company. Once the kids were picked up, we ended up going to Spotlight to look around for awhile. This is mightly dangerous and ended up with a few little things for my crafting pursuits and so did my Bestie. It also was great for her to unwind from having the grandkids, I know she loves them dearly but young kids can be pretty full on at times.

And so our painting kitchen cupboards has been postponed for now, but that fun is yet to come. It always an adventure when we get together. I really think we should have our own You tube channel though, I am certain we would cause an sensation for sure.

Anyway ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

One thought on “Movie day

  1. Ellie HS says:

    It’s always fun to be around grandchildren. I am going to see mine next month, and having fun planning some activities to do with them. I can hardly wait to see them xx


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