House sit tales

I am house sitting for a good friend of mine and settling in rather well. Of course I wouldn’t put her home on social media, so these pics with my blog post are stock pics completely. It is a lot of fun looking after her son’s chickens and my friend’s bees too. It is also in the same neighborhood as I live already only 5/10 minutes away. So best of both worlds really.

It has given me a holiday without going too far away from my family and friends. I also got time and space to do my journaling and writing blog posts, which have been more my main focus these school holidays. It has also given me a little bit of solitude and time for reflection, which I have been craving quite a bit lately.

Despite it being Winter, the weather has been rather sunny although freezing cold. I enjoy my quiet evenings curled up in my Lazy Boy chair and comfy blanket. There is nothing better than that really in the world. I am only here for a week, but it is truly heavenly break indeed.

The chooks have been fed and tucked up in bed, the bees were flying lazily about the garden enjoying the sunny afternoon. It was very beautiful scene indeed, and the pale blue sky really topped it off. The garden looks so very green and the little pond really makes it a peaceful oasis in suburban chaos. I love spending time in it and simply letting the world go by.

Anyway ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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