Hip Injection

Today I had a steroid injection to help with my left hip. Back story I injured it a couple weeks ago, and after an ultrasound on Friday, found out that I had a bursitis. So today was the injection and I thought it would be quite painful indeed, something I was prepared for.

However I surprised myself and the Doctor giving the injection, he said that I must have a high tolerance to pain, because I didn’t even flinch when he put the needle in,that maybe me feel courageous and strong indeed.

I then was told I could leave and waited for my Dad to come collect me from the radiology place. I had my walking stick with me and felt a little pain when I moved but nothing like I have been having these last couple of weeks.

I ended up treating Dad to coffee and croissant with cheese and bacon. Then back home I read for awhile and then the effects of the local anesthetic took affect I went to sleep on my bed. A place I haven’t left all day, so glad off work until Thursday I need the time to keep off my feet.

I got some lovely parcels from my online shopping a few weeks ago, but they can wait till another blog post. They cheered me up when I felt a little better around late afternoon, and of course a cup of tea does wonders to your mood.

So it takes up too two weeks to see results, and so fingers crossed it will see my decrease in pain of my left hip. I also need to take it easy and stay off my leg for as much as possible.

Sorry for not blogging but my pain has been awful and so here I am again. I also need a urgent blood test tomorrow for my Oncologist, they are concerned for some tumour markers. And so next week it is off to the hospital to see my Oncologist again in the couple of months. Anyway keeping myself positive as well as leaving it in the hands of God. It has helped my stress levels and helped me cope with a lot of what has been happening lately.

Blog again maybe tomorrow and on a lighter note some journaling stuff and stationery supplies. I know it is back to school in the Northern hemisphere really soon, September I think and so happy shopping to those followers.

This photo is of my left leg and my cute zebra print Pajama pants, I wanted to keep the photo PG rated. Anyway off to rest and see you all really soon xox

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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