New nails

I do love to mess it up with different coloured nails, and these one are no shrinking violet for sure 😉 I love the classic black nails, but jazzed it up with red glitter that my nail girl Jay had a lot of fun with on the tips. It looks so wicked indeed and I love getting them done every couple of weeks. It relaxes me as well as being away to express myself and a new and fresh look as well. I love unique style in my nails and not boring colours that everybody goes for.

I had the photos on my phone for awhile, and thought it would make a really good blog post indeed. I feel that my blog is a lot of random pictures that make up my entire life. My life is so very rich and full of a lot of love and colour, that sometimes I forget to really stop, and record a few pieces to put here on my blog.

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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