Faith journaling parcel

I just got my parcel from Open Journey and absolutely adore the items I ordered. Ingrid is such a talented artist who’s products are of the highest quality. I am not being paid for these review but only to let you know what is out there for Faith journalers like me. You can still honour God’s word and also be funky with a little colour and style.

The packaging indeed is carefully put together with love and care that will see me order from Open Journey again in the future. I love and adore journaling cards and so got myself a couple with scriptures on them, what I like even more they have unique and gorgeous original art upon them too. Something you can’t buy in a regular store, only online.

Now it is time to get down and use these amazing products, I will probably need to do a follow up on these journaling cards in my Faith journal. It has slowly gotten a life of it’s own which helps me continue on my spiritual journey with God.

Anyway I had to share this with you all out there in the blogosphere. Can you also recommend any blogs, social media accounts or online stores where you get your Faith supplies ? Here in Australia it’s hard too get a huge range of supplies. And as I get further into my Faith studies, I am searching for more products to use within my journal’s pages.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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