Monday Kindy/Pre-Primary moments

Today was a very busy and loud day for us in B10 Kindy and Pre-Primary room. There was Lego to be played with, art to make at the making table and dinosaurs to fight toy cars. Just another Monday morning in B10 where it is always a hive of activity, constantly kids on the move and noise everywhere.

Kindys practised their cutting skills and Pre-Primary’s learnt about addition with trusty addition game needing only whiteboard markers and willing students to give it a go. Kindys did a directed drawing of a Koala, while I helped a couple Pre-Primary’s write and sound out Koala facts for their writing books.

The day was sunny with a few clouds and so recess and lunch had all the Kindys and Pre-Primary’s running about playing in our playground. Funny enough I felt really quite good, and relaxed as one is, in a classroom full of Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s. As always the kids like to wipe down and clean up with our dustpans and brooms, something I find funny, when their Parent’s say they won’t clean up at home.

The day went by quickly as well, I guess being one more Monday till school holidays are here probably helped too no end. The weather is helping too by being more warmer and the Winter finally feels like it has left too. It just feels like Spring is helping bring a little colour back into our lives.

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

P.S: Hope you are enjoying your Monday too ?

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