I think my most favourite thing to do at school was spending time on the swings. It was too me almost like flying without truly leaving the ground. To me it was magical and always made me smile, no matter what else was happening in my life at the time. To me it was like touching the sky with my own two feet, and so when I came along these photos I guess the rest of the blog post writes itself in a sense.

Swinging also comes too mind now we are coming into Spring and spending more time outdoors as the days get longer and warmer. As well as Winter finally leaving us again and so with the change of season, means playing in the park is a good idea from now on.

When on a swing, I find myself really daydreaming and before you know it there are all these ideas flowing and problems solved in no time flat. Time seems so different when you are on a swing, it is so freeing too and feels like nothing else no earth. Life seems simplistic with the rhythm of the swing and pushing yourself back and forward. Life feels good.

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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